A funeral is more than a way to say goodbye, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special. Thus a funeral can be as unique as the individual being honoured, and funerals can reflect any aspect of a person’s life and personality During the service, you may wish to pay tribute to the deceased by acknowledging important aspects of their life. Christian Funerals of Sydney is able to produce a DVD, for example, which can highlight the deceased’s life, interests and hobbies.

We can help you with ideas on how to personalise a funeral. The following questions will help you decide on ways to personalise the service:

  • What were the persons most passionate interests?
  • What did the person most like to do?
  • What was special about the person as an individual?
  • What was the person like in their professional career?
  • Was the person spiritual?
  • Was the person proud of anything in particular, such as their heritage?