Most people find it difficult to think about their own funeral. In spite of this fact, more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of planning in advance for the day.

Those who choose to pre-plan their own funeral, understand how helpful it will be for a grieving and stressed family, to know the funeral wishes of their loved one. Many realize that planning their own service offers great emotional security – and with pre-paid funerals also financial security – for both them and their families. There is also considerable comfort for the relatives, in knowing that the funeral planned, reflects the loved one’s wishes and that they will not be required to interpret what those wishes may have been.

According to the Australian Funeral Directors Association about 15% of all funerals are now planned. In the United States the numbers represent over 40%.

Our brochure, “Make Your Wishes Known”, can assist you pre-plan your own funeral. The brochure provides helpful information about pre-arranging a funeral and includes a form on which you can record your personal wishes and requirements for your funeral. Once you’ve recorded your wishes, keep a copy of your funeral plan and any relevant paperwork, in a safe place. Also, inform a close friend or relative. Let them know what arrangements you have made and where the information may be found. An obligation free copy is available by calling 8883 4561 or sending us an email to

There are two types of pre-planned funerals – Pre-Arranged Funerals and Pre-Paid Funerals.

Pre-Arranged Funerals

A Pre-arranged Funeral Service is a funeral service where the details of the Service are arranged prior to the time of a loved one’s death, but no money is paid until the time of the funeral.

Personal preferences can be planned and budgeted for in advance. We can work with you to design a personal tribute that meets your needs and those of your family – spiritually, emotionally and financially.

This is often helpful when a family member is elderly or suffering from a terminal illness. Both individuals and families gain peace of mind from the knowledge that the details of the service have been carefully considered and all arrangements made.

Pre-Paid Funerals

A Pre-paid Funeral Plan is when you arrange and purchase your funeral in advance and at today’s prices. You make all the important decisions yourself, and take the emotional and financial burden away from your family. At Christian Funerals of Sydney we can assist you in planning your funeral and arrange a Pre-paid Funeral Plan.

Details of your wishes for your funeral service are documented in a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Contract. This contract is a written and legal record of your pre-paid funeral. The Funeral Plan is a government regulated investment scheme – ensuring your money is secure.

You can choose to pay for your Pre-Paid Funeral in one payment or by installments.